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Hello there and happy 2014! 
We've had a busy, busy holiday season at the shop, and now I'm ready relax a bit, refresh and celebrate the new year.
To start off 2014, we've had the honor of having one of our bouquets featured in Philadelphia Wedding magazine, as a part of their "wild flower" article.


I just loved working on this summer bouquet, and I'm so thrilled to see it in print.  Rich, shades of deep purple, touches of light blue, and lots of greenery... I love this color combo, and all the detail and texture that wildflower bouquets allow. Please be sure to check out the Spring/Summer issue of Philadelphia Wedding magazine!

Holiday Open House

Please come join us for our holiday open house this weekend, November 15th and 16th.
Friday evening from 6-9pm, and Saturday afternoon from noon-3pm.
We'll have fun cocktails, hors d'oeurves, and lots of seasonal gifts, decorating items, party ideas and inspiration.
Hope to see you!


A cute little arrangement for delivery

And my sweet puppy has found a way to get my attention from the other side of the table

Look at that face!  Okay, you win, we will go for a walk now!

Foraging, just for fun

A few weeks ago I set out to design a bouquet, just for fun.  My good friend and neighbor has the most amazing garden roses I have ever seen, and gave me free reign to cut them, so of course I did!  I used almost all local, "foraged" blooms and greenery for this bouquet - Erika's old-fashioned garden roses and leucothoe, wild clematis from the side of the building, some kind of unidentified "weeds" that grow down the alley next to the shop, Japanese painted fern from my garden... so much fun! 

I loved the way this bouquet turned out, and I will definitely be searching for more interesting foliage and flowers in the 'hood.  Neighbors watch out... I've got my eye on your weeds. I've got clippers and I'm not afraid to use them.  But don't worry, I will ask you first!

Mother's Day, and a little plant shopping

Well, we just enjoyed another busy Mother's Day weekend.  The flowers this time of year are just the best!  I have one thing to say.... tree peonies!!!  Thanks to Pam and Dave, who live around the corner, and grow some amazing specimens.  Look at these beauties...

tree peonies

They went into just about every arrangement.  They're gorgeous, and smell amazing.
Here is a photo of my friend's little boy with his Mother's Day flowers... is he not the cutest?  Of course he got tree peonies!
my favorite child

 Yesterday I finally got a chance to go out and go plant shopping.  I headed out to Lancaster, and stopped at all my favorite greenhouses.  Found some pretty things for the shop, customer's planters, and of course, my house.  This year I noticed that I'm really drawn to the deeper shades, contrasting with soft grays and browns.  Earthy, but rich. 

Look at these amazing burgundy rose bushes!  I didn't come home with these, since I don't know where I can squeeze them in.  But I WANT THEM!!!


Here are a few photos of some of the plants that I brought back to the shop.  Can you see the theme?

Can't wait to start planting up containers!  Finally, here's a photo of my plant shopping companion, and new "baby"


This is Daisy!  We adopted her two weeks ago from a rescue ( , and she was shipped up to us on a pet transport from Tennessee.  She is such a sweet girl, and really is a big "baby".  She's been coming to the shop with me, and we're working on her manners (ie. NOT jumping on everyone...she just wants to give hugs) so she'll be a good "shop dog".  She hates to be left behind, and loves to ride in the car, so we hit the road in the van and picked up lots of plants.  She was such a good girl, and did not eat any of them!  When we're not working, she's already taken over the house, and has no shame about hogging the bed.

Really, who could say no???

We're looking forward to spring, planting, gardening and all the wonderful weddings on the horizon.  Can't wait to share some photos from last weekend's... it was fabulous!

Happy Spring!  xo

Week's recap

A few more images from the last week... Valentine's week, a little burst of color and activity in the middle of the otherwise quiet winter

A variety of Valentine's flower arrangements...

An amazingly delicious lunch provided by Suzanne, our fabulous delivery driver, shop helper and  friend.  She surprised us with an incredible feast to keep us going through the busy days.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful people!
chicken salad
deviled eggs - yum!

Look at this lemon cheesecake.  It was amazing!
And, on a funny/weird note... an alien has hatched at my house!  My husband is a big kid who can't resist something funny at the dollar store.  I was skeptical of this purchase, but when it hatched, I had to admit, it's pretty funny/freaky.  Look at it's big alien eyes! 

Giving these to every kid and "big kid" in my life.  They are hysterical!

Gorgeous anemone - this color was so amazing, it didn't even look real

Well, we made it through another Valentine's Day!  Thanks to all our wonderful customers, hope everyone enjoyed their flowers.  And, thank you to all my fabulous helpers for all their hard work.  Looking forward to the spring now!

Valentine's Day

It's this Thursday!
Just a few quick pics of some of our romantic arrangements, and some other goodies that we'll be putting together this week for Valentine's Day...
fresh flowers

We're looking forward to putting together some gorgeous arrangements... give us a call (or drop a hint to someone special) and we'll make one for you!


Every year at this time people say to me "You do so much decorating, and the shop looks so cute, your house must look amazing".  Well, ummm, that's one word for it.  Amazingly NOT DONE! The truth is, between decorating client's houses, and keeping up with things at the shop, my house tends to be pretty sadly neglected.  I feel like I haven't been home in weeks!!! No fresh flowers or greens yet, and the planters on my porch are only half finished.  I did, however, have a couple free minutes the other night, so I turned on some music, and put up some of my favorite winter decorations.  Here's how things are going so far...

Glowing mercury glass balls and mossy rocks in a nest.  Crazy, huh? It actually doesn't look quite so bizarre in person.

my birch branch and snowflake tree (with some mushrooms at the base)

my favorite feather tree (and a few more mushrooms)
As I pulled out all of my decorating goodies, I've discovered a few things about myself.  Apparently I really like mushrooms, they seem to have multiplied all over the house!  There is certainly a bit of a mushroom and owl theme going on around here, and at the shop, too.  If I didn't keep finding such stinkin' cute ones, it wouldn't be such a problem!  It's not my fault!
the top of the china cabinet

What is that, sitting up there?  Why, another owl, of course!
do you think there's something going on here??? (two of these were gifts!)

Baby is not amused (I don't think she cares much for mushrooms, owls, or crazy girls blasting the stereo and balancing on dining room chairs while she is trying to take a snooze)

It's looking like there really is a bit of a woodland "theme" going on around here, but that's okay, these are the things that make me happy.  It's the little things, right? I'm still working on it, and my own decorating may not be done until February, but I'm making progress, and I think there are still a few more critters at the shop that need to come home with me.  I'm thinking I need some deer... wouldn't some driftwood reindeer look fabulous near my mirror????  Maybe it's a good thing I don't have too much free time right now!

Hope you are all enjoying this last week before the holiday.  Don't go too crazy!

The shop, etc.

Just a few more pictures of the shop this week...

And a few recent holiday arrangements...


A few pictures of the shop decorated for the season...

driftwood trees and reindeer

woodland ornaments

glittery owls
vintage-inspired jewelry

cutest little pinecone deer

 We have lots of fun goodies for the holiday and winter season.  Stop by and see us, we'll be open this Friday evening and Saturday (December 7th and 8th) for Malvern's Victorian Christmas.  Hope to see you soon!


The fall season is quickly approaching, even though I'm in total denial about the end of summer.  Fall might actually be my favorite season, but really, where did this summer go???

We're starting to get flowers in more "autumnal" shades, including these yummy roses.

Personally, I like my orange with a little peach...


Loving these "Free Spirit" and "Clear Ocean" roses.  What is it about these names that's making me mourn the vacation I never got a chance to take this summer? Oh well, there's always January. This time I'm going, I really am!

Cairnwood wedding

Here are a few photos from our wedding this past weekend at the beautiful Cairnwood Estate in Bryn Athyn...


Bridesmaid's bouquets

Natural arch for the ceremony

Beautiful front of the estate

Fabulous wedding planner Kelsey, of A Little Soiree, holding the bride's bouquet

Loved these soft colors and flowers.  So romantic!

Appleford wedding

Here are  few pictures from our wedding last weekend at one of my favorite places, the Appleford Estate in Villanova...

The bride chose full, lush, romantic designs for her "garden party" reception on the terrace.
A beautiful setting and a lovely wedding.  Congratulations  Cassandre and Ray!


We've been quite busy the last several months, working on what my favorite little neighbor likes to call "weddin's"... as in "are all these flowers in here for the weddin' ?"  He's very thoughtful, and always asks this question before he picks out a few flowers to give to his mom.  Too adorable!  I've adopted this expression, so weddins, weddins, it's all about the weddins!

 I've been wanting to post pictures of some of the ones we've been working on lately, but I've been waiting to get some better photographs, as mine are not the greatest.  In the meantime, however, I've finally discovered how to put photos into collages!  Not rocket science, I realize, (in fact it was embarrassingly simple) but for someone as computer-challenged as myself, this was a major accomplishment.  I much prefer playing with flowers and plants to playing with computers, but I'm trying, and actually learning a few things.  I definitely think that pictures that are "not the greatest" look much better in a collage!

So, with that said, here are some practice collages, from a couple "weddin's" we've worked on recently...

Yamile and David's elegant flowers

Susan and Robert's lovely French-themed reception

Love the collage!
Still working on gathering pictures of some of the others.  More to come!


The truth is that I read quite a few blogs (mostly floral and decorating ones :)) and I really admire the style of several very talented floral designers out there, who are doing truly spectacular, natural arrangements.  So here I am, determined to try to stretch my design skills a bit, and try some slightly different things.  Had a few fun things in the cooler, local hydrangea, artemesia, saracena, a few ranunculus left over from a wedding,  garden roses, etc.  And a cute little pitcher a friend gave me, left over from a recent garage sale (can't believe no one bought it, I love it!)
 I plopped a frog in it, and here's my attempt at a slightly different, more natural style...

I know it's not radical change from my usual style, not really. I love seasonal flowers and foliage, and always try to use them as much as possible.  However,  I want to try to design in a way that really highlights the beauty of each individual flower. Trying to "loosen up" a little bit, to be more "free" with the flowers! Anyway, I loved the results of this little experiment.

Not the greatest pictures (from my phone), but here they are after they made their way to my dining room table for a little belated celebration of my husband's son's wedding.

flowers and cake - yum

I'm trying!  And loving a less "structured" style.  Gonna keep working on this!


A few arrangements we put together for a party last week.  Totally loving these rich summer colors!

Deep blue delphinium and gentiana, burgundy dahlias, magenta peonies, viburnum berry, green hydrangea, saracena, nigella pods, sweet peas and more.  Loved working on these!


Just a few pictures of what we've been working on lately...

Centerpieces for a graduation party
peonies, roses, hydrangea, snapdragon and sweet peas in vintage blue mason jars

Centerpieces for a 90th birthday party
dahlias, snaps, amaranthus, green hydrangea, roses and herbs

So "gardeny"!

Arrangements for delivery
"Peach finesse" roses, lacecap hydrangea, nigella, lavender and bunny tails (love those bunny tails!)

"Amsterdam" roses, viburnum and purple sweet peas

We're happy to be busy at the shop right now, and enjoying all the floral "treats" this time of year has to offer!

The Devon Horse Show

So... there's been a serious lack of blogging around here recently.  Fortunately it's because we've been extremely busy at the shop with lots of fabulous weddings, parties and just daily "busyness"!

Catching up a little bit... at the end of May into the beginning of June we had the fun job of setting up a booth at The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.  I grew up in Devon, and the Horse Show has always been one of my favorite events, so we were very excited to participate for a second year.

 We had a fabulous time decorating our little shed and tent, turning it into a mini replica of the shop.  Burlap is a decorating marvel, what would we have done without it?

We had lots of garden inspired gifts, plants, planters, artwork, jewelry and many other goodies

 Every day we brought over lots of fresh flowers for display, especially gorgeous local peonies, one of my favorites.
Our amazing drfitwood horse head

The tent at night
We were there for 11 days, through the first crazy heat wave of the summer (Memorial Day weekend, yikes!) and then some truly gorgeous early summer weather. 

Fun "vintage" jewelry
We had a great time.  Loved watching the horses, spending time with other vendors, seeing our customers and meeting new ones, and eating tea sandwiches... lots of tea sandwiches.  They are the best!  We actually ate them every day, along with the occasional funnel cake and lemon stick, of course!

A wonderful, exhausting but enjoyable week and a half at the horse show, along with some lovely weddings, prom flowers and graduation bouquets at the shop.  Phew, we survived!  Thanks to all my fabulous helpers. 

And finally, that week, the climbing rose by our back door actually bloomed!

I was barely home to see it (mostly just in the dark when I finally crawled home at night) but I was so thrilled.  After chopping it to the ground in frustration a year or two ago, I belatedly figured out that it was a climber, not just a gnarly attack bush lurking by the back door, and drawing blood every time I passed by.  Poor thing, it just wanted to grow!  Now it is so beautiful, a lovely soft blush color, and I'm off to buy another trellis, I want to plant another one on the other side of the door!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!