The Devon Horse Show

So... there's been a serious lack of blogging around here recently.  Fortunately it's because we've been extremely busy at the shop with lots of fabulous weddings, parties and just daily "busyness"!

Catching up a little bit... at the end of May into the beginning of June we had the fun job of setting up a booth at The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.  I grew up in Devon, and the Horse Show has always been one of my favorite events, so we were very excited to participate for a second year.

 We had a fabulous time decorating our little shed and tent, turning it into a mini replica of the shop.  Burlap is a decorating marvel, what would we have done without it?

We had lots of garden inspired gifts, plants, planters, artwork, jewelry and many other goodies

 Every day we brought over lots of fresh flowers for display, especially gorgeous local peonies, one of my favorites.
Our amazing drfitwood horse head

The tent at night
We were there for 11 days, through the first crazy heat wave of the summer (Memorial Day weekend, yikes!) and then some truly gorgeous early summer weather. 

Fun "vintage" jewelry
We had a great time.  Loved watching the horses, spending time with other vendors, seeing our customers and meeting new ones, and eating tea sandwiches... lots of tea sandwiches.  They are the best!  We actually ate them every day, along with the occasional funnel cake and lemon stick, of course!

A wonderful, exhausting but enjoyable week and a half at the horse show, along with some lovely weddings, prom flowers and graduation bouquets at the shop.  Phew, we survived!  Thanks to all my fabulous helpers. 

And finally, that week, the climbing rose by our back door actually bloomed!

I was barely home to see it (mostly just in the dark when I finally crawled home at night) but I was so thrilled.  After chopping it to the ground in frustration a year or two ago, I belatedly figured out that it was a climber, not just a gnarly attack bush lurking by the back door, and drawing blood every time I passed by.  Poor thing, it just wanted to grow!  Now it is so beautiful, a lovely soft blush color, and I'm off to buy another trellis, I want to plant another one on the other side of the door!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!