The truth is that I read quite a few blogs (mostly floral and decorating ones :)) and I really admire the style of several very talented floral designers out there, who are doing truly spectacular, natural arrangements.  So here I am, determined to try to stretch my design skills a bit, and try some slightly different things.  Had a few fun things in the cooler, local hydrangea, artemesia, saracena, a few ranunculus left over from a wedding,  garden roses, etc.  And a cute little pitcher a friend gave me, left over from a recent garage sale (can't believe no one bought it, I love it!)
 I plopped a frog in it, and here's my attempt at a slightly different, more natural style...

I know it's not radical change from my usual style, not really. I love seasonal flowers and foliage, and always try to use them as much as possible.  However,  I want to try to design in a way that really highlights the beauty of each individual flower. Trying to "loosen up" a little bit, to be more "free" with the flowers! Anyway, I loved the results of this little experiment.

Not the greatest pictures (from my phone), but here they are after they made their way to my dining room table for a little belated celebration of my husband's son's wedding.

flowers and cake - yum

I'm trying!  And loving a less "structured" style.  Gonna keep working on this!