Every year at this time people say to me "You do so much decorating, and the shop looks so cute, your house must look amazing".  Well, ummm, that's one word for it.  Amazingly NOT DONE! The truth is, between decorating client's houses, and keeping up with things at the shop, my house tends to be pretty sadly neglected.  I feel like I haven't been home in weeks!!! No fresh flowers or greens yet, and the planters on my porch are only half finished.  I did, however, have a couple free minutes the other night, so I turned on some music, and put up some of my favorite winter decorations.  Here's how things are going so far...

Glowing mercury glass balls and mossy rocks in a nest.  Crazy, huh? It actually doesn't look quite so bizarre in person.

my birch branch and snowflake tree (with some mushrooms at the base)

my favorite feather tree (and a few more mushrooms)
As I pulled out all of my decorating goodies, I've discovered a few things about myself.  Apparently I really like mushrooms, they seem to have multiplied all over the house!  There is certainly a bit of a mushroom and owl theme going on around here, and at the shop, too.  If I didn't keep finding such stinkin' cute ones, it wouldn't be such a problem!  It's not my fault!
the top of the china cabinet

What is that, sitting up there?  Why, another owl, of course!
do you think there's something going on here??? (two of these were gifts!)

Baby is not amused (I don't think she cares much for mushrooms, owls, or crazy girls blasting the stereo and balancing on dining room chairs while she is trying to take a snooze)

It's looking like there really is a bit of a woodland "theme" going on around here, but that's okay, these are the things that make me happy.  It's the little things, right? I'm still working on it, and my own decorating may not be done until February, but I'm making progress, and I think there are still a few more critters at the shop that need to come home with me.  I'm thinking I need some deer... wouldn't some driftwood reindeer look fabulous near my mirror????  Maybe it's a good thing I don't have too much free time right now!

Hope you are all enjoying this last week before the holiday.  Don't go too crazy!