Mother's Day, and a little plant shopping

Well, we just enjoyed another busy Mother's Day weekend.  The flowers this time of year are just the best!  I have one thing to say.... tree peonies!!!  Thanks to Pam and Dave, who live around the corner, and grow some amazing specimens.  Look at these beauties...

tree peonies

They went into just about every arrangement.  They're gorgeous, and smell amazing.
Here is a photo of my friend's little boy with his Mother's Day flowers... is he not the cutest?  Of course he got tree peonies!
my favorite child

 Yesterday I finally got a chance to go out and go plant shopping.  I headed out to Lancaster, and stopped at all my favorite greenhouses.  Found some pretty things for the shop, customer's planters, and of course, my house.  This year I noticed that I'm really drawn to the deeper shades, contrasting with soft grays and browns.  Earthy, but rich. 

Look at these amazing burgundy rose bushes!  I didn't come home with these, since I don't know where I can squeeze them in.  But I WANT THEM!!!


Here are a few photos of some of the plants that I brought back to the shop.  Can you see the theme?

Can't wait to start planting up containers!  Finally, here's a photo of my plant shopping companion, and new "baby"


This is Daisy!  We adopted her two weeks ago from a rescue ( , and she was shipped up to us on a pet transport from Tennessee.  She is such a sweet girl, and really is a big "baby".  She's been coming to the shop with me, and we're working on her manners (ie. NOT jumping on everyone...she just wants to give hugs) so she'll be a good "shop dog".  She hates to be left behind, and loves to ride in the car, so we hit the road in the van and picked up lots of plants.  She was such a good girl, and did not eat any of them!  When we're not working, she's already taken over the house, and has no shame about hogging the bed.

Really, who could say no???

We're looking forward to spring, planting, gardening and all the wonderful weddings on the horizon.  Can't wait to share some photos from last weekend's... it was fabulous!

Happy Spring!  xo